We eat variations on this recipe every morning for breakfast. The girls love it and I know it keeps them full until morning snack time. I love it because it keeps me full till at least midday, when, hopefully I’ve got a pot of rice on the stove.

This is just unbelievably easy. And all the better in a VitaMix if you have one. You want to get this blended and served as quickly as you can to avoid melting. We’ve never tried it in a cone – it’s probably just a touch on the soft side of soft serve for that.

Oh but it’s glorious. A glorious thing indeed.

1 cup almond milk
300g frozen raspberries
1 dessert spoon agave syrup

3 serves

Place ingredients in VitaMix and blend on high for 30 seconds or until smooth.
Don’t overblend or it will melt.

Depending on how thick your almond milk is, and the water content of your frozen fruit, you might need to adjust the milk/fruit ratio to achieve the desired consistency. If unsure start by putting in half the almond milk and all the fruit. Then slowly add in more liquid until you reach the soft serve texture.

Serve immediately.

That’s it!

If you like this recipe, why not try swapping the raspberries out for other frozen goodies. Strawberries are wonderfully sweet in their own right and mango is a massive hit over our way!

Please do say how you get on with the recipe, and if you’ve loved it (or hated it) in the comments below.