Ah, this is the juice we love the most! It’s plums and plums alone. Just put as many as you can in the juicer and you’re away in plum heaven. The girls ask for this one. And if I have a selection in the fridge the plum juice will mysteriously vanish without a trace and I might find an empty jar abandoned on the coffee table.

I remember as a child picking plums up Elspeth’s tree in Hauraki Corner. Elspeth’s garden was dark and mysterious, full of blues, purples and blacks. Agapanthus, dahlias, hydrangeas, long grass and old fruit trees. It was always overgrown and had tall trees at the boundaries casting their shadows. We’d scramble up the twenty foot high plum tree and fill our buckets, handing them down to Dad.

Mum would be the final recipient and her giant stainless steel pressure cooker their destination. We’d always save some fresh ones too – rich, deepest, darkest purple outside and in. The juice would run down our chins, down our arms and splatter onto our shorts and t-shirts – gleefully we would just carry on playing, enjoying the gorgeousness of late Summer.


  • 16 plums – stones removed


  1. Juice all ingredients
  2. Serve or refrigerate immediately.
  3. Drink within 2 days.
  4. Also good with vodka!


  • Approx 500ml