Yesterday was my birthday and we took the day off to spend a while at Moro for lunch. I only recently discovered the whole Moro thing when I bought myself Casa Moro for Christmas. I spent several days poring through the recipes. Letting my brother hold the book on boxing day he read it for a couple of hours while I watched, wondering when I could have it back.

I bought Pomegranate molasses, ras el hanout, sumac, bulgur wheat and dry chickpeas. We had pomegranate in salads, made crispy onion lentils and winter cous cous. Above all I love the carrot and feta dip with crispy pita bread.

So yesterday, the birthday wish saw our pilgrimage to Moro in Exmouth Market. We enjoyed and savoured each course. Beware the delicious bread to begin with. Make sure you have a sherry.

I based my choice of main on the walnuts and leeks – the lamb sounded very good but it was walnuts I knew I wanted. The fennel that came with Kevin’s pork was heaven. Next time I’m getting the mixed vegetable mezze. The meat was beautiful but by god these guys know how to do vegetables.

The yoghurt cake was every bit as good as we’d heard. One review I’d read said at first sight it looked like a mistake. It’s not. The yoghurt cake is like a gooey pavlova panetone with natural yoghurt and pistachios. The matching desert wine was equally brilliant.

It was quite magic seeing my food heroes the Sams working in the kitchen, spooning food onto plates, watching over the restaurant. What a birthday treat it was. What a treat Moro is.

I must say something about the out of focus foregrounds as well – next time I’ll sit further back from my plate